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2018 Bivouac and National Cavalry Competition

2017 National Cavalry Competition Champion - SGT Dominique Greeley, Ft. Hood

September 26 - 29, 2018
Fort Reno

El Reno, Oklahoma

2017 Results


2017 National Cavalry Competition Champion
SGT Dominiquq Greeley, Ft. Hood

Regional Competition:
Fort Concho, Texas, April 18-22, 2018

Registration deadline: TBD

Registration materials will be available in May. The 2017 rules and tests are below for reference and are subject to change.

2018 Schedule

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Additional Information for Competitors Past NCC Results
Sep 25 Pre-competition clinics
Competitors meeting
Sep 26 - 29 National Cavalry Competition
  • Authenticity
  • Cavalry Trumpter
  • Combat Horsemanship 
  • Military Horsemanship
  • Mounted Pistol
  • Maj. Howze Mobility Test
  • Military Field Jumping
  • Mounted Saber
  • Wheeled Horse 
  • Bolte Cup
  • Fiddlers' Green Ceremony
Sep 30 Worship service


Regional Cavalry Competitions 

Fort Concho, Texas, April 18-22, 2018
Fort Concho, Texas, April 19-23, 2017 - Results
Fort Concho, Texas, April 20-24, 2016 - Results

 NCC News Articles

NCC selected "Best Horse Competition Out West" by True West magazine!


The U.S. Cavalry Association is pleased to sponsor the National Cavalry Competition, held in September each year in conjunction with our Annual Bivouac. We try to keep the locations in the center of the country, to make it fair to both the east and west coast riders. We also try and hold the competitions in historical areas.

The U.S. Cavalry Association sponsors these competitions to promote good horsemanship and to provide an opportunity for reenactors, active and reserve military mounted color guards, and mounted police officers to compete and improve their riding skills.

The National Cavalry Competition is open to all who are interested in promoting our cause, to keep the Cavalry spirit alive.

Individual riding classes include Mounted Saber, Mounted Pistol, Military Horsemanship, and Military Field Jumping. There are 3 levels in each class. Level I is for beginners. Level II is for the novice rider and Level III is for advanced riders. Ribbons are awarded for each class and level. Silver trophies are awarded to first place winners in each class and level.

There are also competitions for Combat Horsemanship, Trumpet Competition, Authenticity, and the Major Howze team mobility event.

The Authenticity categories include Mexican War (1846-48), Civil War, Union and Confederate (1861-65), Plains Indian Campaigns (1870-79), Southwest Campaigns (1880-1889), Spanish-American War (1898), Sam Browne Belt Army (1904-44), and U. S. Constabulary (1945 -49).

Plaques are also awarded for the outstanding horse at the competition and for the outstanding Active Duty Military Unit participating.

Winners of Level III individual events are invited to compete in the Bolte Cup, a test of the combination of skills. A Silver Trophy is awarded to the winner.

The Overall Winner in Level III who accumulates the most points is awarded a silver cup and his name is added to the Bronze Trophy displayed in the U.S. Cavalry Memorial Research Library.


Past National Cavalry Competition results: