History is made relevant when those alive today feel it is part of their heritage. The U.S. Cavalry Association membership roles include veterans of the cavalry service (both horse and mechanized), current serving soldiers, members of mounted military units, historians, family members of soldiers, and equestrian competitors.

The U.S. Cavalry Association membership roll includes veterans of both the horse and mechanized cavalry, soldiers currently serving in cavalry units and horse-mounted ceremonial units, historians, authors, families of cavalrymen, and equestrian competitors. Regardless of their background, all members share a deep commitment to preserving the legacy of the U.S. Cavalry.

Members of the Association support the active and reserve military through consultation on history and traditions, equestrian training and competition, and monetary support for military families.

The Annual Bivouac brings together Association members from around the country to renew old acquaintances, make new friends, and participate in the traditions of the cavalry service. Highlights of the Bivouac are the Cavalry Punchbowl Ceremony, the National Cavalry Competition, the Annual Banquet and awards presentation, and the Fiddler’s Green Ceremony.

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