Every U.S. Olympic and National Team horse and rider up through 1948 came from the U.S. Army’s mounted services. Today the U.S. Cavalry Association preserves this fine tradition through sponsorship of the annual National Cavalry Competition and regional competitions around the country. 


Nothing says “Cavalry!” like the thunder of horse’s hooves and the flash of sabers in the sunlight. Still today, many members of the United States Cavalry Association ride with horse-mounted ceremonial and historical units.

Every U.S. Olympic horse and rider through 1948 came from the Army, most from the cavalry branch. To preserve this legacy of fine horsemanship and improve the skills of modern troopers, the Association conducted the first National Cavalry Competition (NCC) at Fort Sill in 2002 and continues to hold the competition every year, concurrently with the Annual Bivouac.

The NCC includes equitation, jumping, mounted saber, mounted pistol, cross-country mobility, and platoon drill. After three days of competition one trooper is named National Cavalry Champion. The only prerequisites for participation are the ability to ride and the willingness to learn the traditional skills of the cavalry trooper.

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