BIOCAV Program


Is there a cavalryman in your family tree? We are asking if you have an ancestor or relative that followed the Cavalry guidons in the winning of the west. Do you have a grandfather who rode with Jeb Stuart, or in one of Sheridan’s vaunted cavalry regiments in the War between the States? Do you have a family connection with a cavalryman, regular, militia or volunteer? Or, did you yourself serve as a cavalryman?

It is the aim of the US Cavalry Association to record short biographical sketches of individuals who served in the Cavalry from the Revolutionary War to modern times. This information is placed in our data bank for use by researchers who are doing serious research on Cavalry history. This program is our contribution to the genealogy field as more and more people are seeking their roots.

To submit a biographical sketch of a cavalryman, view our BIOCAV FORM, print it and fill it out adding any extra pages desired. 

Obtain your BIOCAV form here!

(Print the form and mail it to us )

Please do not worry if you do not have all the information. Mail the form to the Headquarters at the address shown below. Your submission will then be entered in the data base and the original filed in the U.S. Cavalry Memorial Research Library. There is no charge for this service and you will be honoring the cavalryman names on your form by making his name a part of the historical record.